Mobile Vehicle Locksmith covering a very large area which include places such as Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry and surrounding areas.

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01926 831 024, 07980 765 103, 07535 186 319

Autokeys Warwick Vehicle locksmith workshop

  • Spare Keys
  • Broken Keys
  • Repair Keys
  • Replacement Locks
  • ECU Programming
  • Replacement ECU's
  • Dash / Clock Repair or Replace
  • Recycled Keys
  • New Keys
  • Vehicle Non Starters
  • Immobiliser Problems

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Lost Keys

As well as offering a unique mobile key cutting service providing replacement keys where all keys are lost we also have a trade counter and workshop based on the Heathcote industrial estate in the Warwick and Leamington spa and surrounding areas.


We can provide spare keys for most manufacturers on a call in basis (although some remote keys will have to be ordered in)


We also repair many remote keys that have been broken or ceased working and in many cases we replace buttons and even re-case the keys as the rubber buttons perish, this makes the key like new again.


Many modern cars now have complex body controllers (BCM, BSI, ECM, PCM) that can fail for a variety of reasons such as a flat battery, jump starting or water ingress to name but a few. We can re-manufacture and repair these expensive modules at a fraction of main dealer prices and often much more quickly saving you time and money.


Another problem module prone to failure is the dash insert (speedometer clocks) which can also cause starting problems and we can often repair these in quick time.


One of the more common problems with a lot of vehicles is a failing of the wiring loom that connects many of the components on the vehicle causing starting errors or the failure of the remote central locking amongst other things.

We can trace the faults in the wiring looms and repair them again at a greatly reduced price and timescale to the main dealers


Please call Dave or Karl on the landline or the mobile for any advice, quote or to book your vehicle in


Most vehicles nowadays come with fairly complex transponder and remote key technology built in. This comes at a considerable cost both to buy and to have programmed.


We repair and recondition a lot of these keys at our Trade counter and workshop which is open to the motor trade and public alike. We stock an extensive range of new cases and blades along with buttons and component parts to completely refurbish remote keys and key cards amongst others


We repair your existing keys that start to fail and fall apart.


Most manufacturers covered


  • Flick part of the key blade breaks
  • Remote button rubbers perish
  • Remote buttons fail and no longer work
  • Broken key blade
  • Remote stopped working
  • Locks but wont unlock
  • Unlocks but wont lock
  • Boot release not working
  • Key card not detected
  • Eco mode on Peugeot and Citroen
  • Car no longer starts


We can repair all of these faults and even re-case most keys so they look and perform like new


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